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Sweet and floral, this herbal tea blend features the beautifully plummy Chunmee green tea, with elderflower, hibiscus, raspberry, dandelion, gingko, and lemon verbena. All of these herbs, and the green tea itself, are rich in Vitamin C and the bioflavonoid quercetin, used in holistic circles to reduce inflammation, act as natural antihistamine, and soothe respiratory disturbances.*

Cold brew for delicious iced tea, sweeten as desired. Add fruit juices and herbs for delicious variations on classic green tea.

Add cooled to unflavored gelatin and refrigerate for a delicious and refreshing sweet treat.

*This tea is not meant to replace modern medicine or make any specific health claims. The lab tests and clinical studies on those foods and herbs containing quercetin are theoretical and not necessarily embraced by the medical community as a whole.


Raspberry Green Tea
~Serves 1~

6 oz simmering but not boiling water
Raw honey, if desired

1. Place tea leaves in a tea ball or infuser.
2. Pour hot but not boiling (180 deg) water over the top and steep 2-3 minutes.
3. Add sweetener of your choice. Enjoy.

Alternately, place loose leaves in a ceramic pot and pour in hot water, pour through a strainer to serve, giving the leaves enough room to open up and release their flavor.