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If you enjoy a soft minty cup of tea to sooth your tummy and your nerves at the end of a long day this is the tea for you. Blended from spearmint*, lemon balm*, passionflower*, elderflower*, tulsi*, gingko*, lavender*, rose petal*, and a pinch of ashwagandha*. *organic CAFFEINE FREE

Brew as a tea and sweeten as desired.

Enjoy as a refreshing cold brew in the warm months.

Make a simple syrup with tea and sugar or honey to use in baked goods or other beverages.

Nighttime Tea
~Serves 1~

1 tsp SHHH
6 oz simmering but not boiling water
Raw honey or sugar, if desired

1. Place tea leaves in a tea ball or infuser.
2. Pour hot but not boiling (180 deg) water over the top and steep 3-5 minutes.
3. Add sweetener of your choice. Enjoy.

Alternately, place loose leaves in a ceramic pot and pour in water, pour through a strainer to serve, giving the leaves enough room to open up and release their flavor.